10 Best Party Schools in USA

10. West Virginia University – Morgantown, West Virginia

The school pride for WVU is just a strong as the need to drink. Football games, for example, are a congregation of every Mountaineer, present, past, or future, coming together to drink ceremoniously in honor of their Mountaineer football. Much of my time at WVU has been a drunken blur. The accessibility to large quantities of alcohol is a large factor in this process. The Greek Life at WVU only adds to all of this. Only at WVU are there designated nights for different fraternities to throw ragers. (i.e. Beta Tuesdays, Phi Psi Fridays).

“Now on to St. Pattys Day, yet another day of chaos. We have all seen the “I’m Shmacked,” video, yet it is hard to believe this madness could be an accurate portrayal of reality. In the particular case of WVU, this is quite the contrary. Madness is an understatement, with this holiday.

Strength in numbers could not be anymore true in the case of West Virginia University. Luckily for us, that strength is put towards drinking massive quantities of alcohol. If this is not a sufficient description of how hard my school rages, please don’t hesitate to email me and I will further express my feelings on the subject.”