10 Best Party Schools in USA

1. Arizona State University – Tempe, Arizona

You need a birthday and a pulse to get into ASU. If you’re going to ASU, you’re not going for the prestige academia but rather to attend more pool parties than classes. The Hayden Library scene is as prestig as you’ll get and it’s essentially an Adderall induced Facebook stalk sesh and a good place to get the Bros together to plan the next party….fucking raggggeee.

Going to ASU is essentially being in the chillest frat: Bros glide to class on longboards (unless they see a pool party at Vista en route) and girls are constantly looking for an excuse to wear less, because they’re hot and you should know it…. I’m talking temperature, it’s a fucking desert. The hardest decision you’ll make is whether you should go to the ABC Party first or the Sports Pros and Tennis Hos party. Tailgating has been rolled, but it’s ASU so we deal with life’s hardships. When life gives us lemons, we add fucking vodka, girls in bikinis, some green and maybe a bag of blow.