10 Best Party Schools in USA

8. University of Texas – Austin, Texas

The University of Texas at Austin is notorious for it’s downtown scene, 6th Street is a conglomerate of bars that goes on for more than four blocks with back to back bars. It is the ultimate place for people to go, bar hop, and get hammered (of course) everything from hip-hop bars to hipster bars to dubstep and country is playing every day of the week.

“However UT students are not satisfied with this phenomenon of nightclubs; house parties and fraternity parties are huge. West Campus is the area where most undergrads reside. There are back-to-back entirely student populated buildings and fraternity and sorority houses are in every block. They all have their particular parties year round and like to throw day parties every once in a while; with so many fraternities on campus, there is never a weekend with no events.