10 Best Party Schools in USA

5. Penn State University – University Park, Pennsylvania

“The party scene at Penn State is second to none. Not everyone can handle a football weekend at Penn State. After partying all night Friday, it’s a 7am wake-up call on Saturday (no matter what time kick-off is), all-day tailgate at the frat, house, or field of your choice. All of this is followed by the actual game, which requires you to go nuts without ever sitting down (only at half-time), followed by another night out.

“And the weather doesn’t even affect us. Could be snowing, sleeting, raining, all the above—doesn’t matter. The hardest cold-weather school ever, of all-time. A daylong on a warm, sunny day in April? Forget it. It’s like letting us out of our cages.​“Tuesday night’s at G-Man and The Den, and Thursday night’s at Indigo, make us forget what the “weekend” means.”