10 Best Party Schools in USA

2. Florida State University – Tallahassee, Florida

Hot girls everywhere. Seriously… EVERYWHERE. Booze is super cheap and plentiful. There are drink specials and something to do every night of the week. For $10 or $20, there’s an all you can drink top shelf on Friday nights at Bullwinkle’s, which used to always make Playboy’s top college bars. There’s a caliber of girls that likely didn’t get into UF, so they’re a bit more liberal and tend to go out a whole lot more. ​

“Everyone’s in shape, so it leads to a lot more hooking up than you’d expect. In Florida, there’s a ton of pressure to be in shape year round, because at any given time you can go to the beach. Like, being fat is just not an option. So there’s a shit ton of pool parties in the spring that get out of control. The pool parties are the spring equivalent of a game days. So you tend to want to get hammered and show off your body, as a culture.”