DIY Gym at Home for Saving Budget

Everyone must have dreamed of having an ideal body. In order to do that you have to “force” yourself to hit the gym at least three times a week. Doing this might be fun since you will meet new friends and learn new tricks from the trainer. But if you are on a tight budget, going to a gym might not be a wise move. However,there is a win – win solution to this situation, that is to make DIY projects as the replacements for your fitness equipments. Here are some example you can make at home:

5. Dumbbell replacement with sandbag weight

Every houses should have tons of bags laying around the storeroom. Rather than letting these things rotting up eventually, why not make a sandbag weight out of them? You can start by choosing the most sturdy rice or sugar shopping bag then fill them out with sand. Make the handle with a thick rope then seal with duct tape. Here goes your DIY dumbbell which cost less than ¼ the real ones!