The Most 5 Famous Celebrity Attorneys

There are celebrities who get famous for their works and scandals and there are celebrity lawyers who make money from those scandals. Celebrities are all we see in the media, while lawyers… well, most lawyers are not famous, but there are some of them who’ve got their taste of fame after defending some huge celebrities’ scandals on the court. Here are some of the most famous celebrity attorneys.

5. David Boies

David Boles’ fame started when he defended IBM against a lawsuit alleging the company for antitrust practices. Since that moment, his career took off. He has represented popular figures like Al Gore against former USA President Bush, become the face of Michael Moore’s promotion for the film Sicko, and handled talks on behalf of George Steinbrenner over an Adidas deal. Recently, he represented singer Carly Simon on a lawsuit against Starbucks.

Famous clients

Michael Moore, Carly Simon, Al Gore, George Steinbrenner