Top 3 Best Tech in 2018

We barely passed 2017 and yet there are more inventions in 2018 that seems unearthly even to a modern civilization like ours. They are none other than the result of years and decades of hard work and now when all the resources are set, it is finally finished and ready to use. Here are some inventions that has gone viral in 2018:

3. Mark Zuckerberg’s “Jarvis”

Who doesn’t know about the fictional character “Iron Man”? In his daily life as Tony Stark, he is served by an A.I. which is so sophisticated it could do almost anything connected to the network. And now, just in early 2018 the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg posted a Video about his new home system using his self-designed A.I> which he called as “Jarvis”. This is very exciting because he built a system which everything could be controlled just by speech command input. It’s not just that, the system is also equipped with voice recognition system, and it will always recognize you and greet you by name.