Top 3 Celebrities That We Lost in Last Year

Everybody’s gotta get their favorite celebrity that is normal because someone should have an idol to look up to. We usually decide our idol by the way we are mesmerized, either by their talent or lifestyle which inspire us to be better. However, they are also still human beings which means they are not immortal. We have to admit that there will be a point where we have to let them go, either because of natural or accidental reasons. We all feel sad, but what is important is they left behind a value which will be remembered by us. Here are some lists of celebrities we lost last year

3. David Bowie

Who do not know of this rockstar legend? He had created many records during his career, including influenced hundreds of fellow musicians to his path. Even the Rolling Stone’s guitarist, Keith Richards once said that David Bowie was a true original in everything he had done. Just two days before his death in january 10th 2016, he released his final studio album “Blackstar”. He died peacefully surrounded by his family after his 18 month battle with cancer.