Top 5 Hottest Crypto currencies in 2018

4. EOS

For better or worse, everyone has had their eye on the record-setting US$4 billion ICO, which launched its main net in June. Adamant supporters deem EOS the one true Ethereum killer, while its critics cite centralized procedures and spotty team history as proof of its worthlessness.

Regardless, the coin saw exponential growth beginning in March in preparation for the June main net launch, at which time it began a rapid ascent among the top-ranking currencies in terms of market cap. EOS has continued to slide since June’s network launch unveiled numerous woes, but its US$5 billion-plus market cap still makes it a top 5 market cap crypto. The first developments on the platform, such as the simple smart contract creation platform, MyWish, are nearing launch on the network, which may begin to provide skeptics with some proof of legitimacy.