Top 5 Hottest Crypto currencies in 2018

2. Stellar Lumens (XLM)

XLM is the currency native to the Stellar network, which seeks to empower the unbanked through widely accessible remittance programs, mobile money capabilities, and more services. Colloquially, Stellar is known throughout the crypto space as “Ripple without the evil”. That aside, the project continues to see heightened exposure as a leading solution in the space for serving the billions of unbanked people worldwide.

Stellar began the year with a boom, as many have placed high hopes on the large-scale experimentation and development on the network being conducted by IBM. Additionally, the project piques the curiosity of many enthusiasts due to its existence as a distributed ledger technology that is not quite a blockchain, but instead operates like a federacy, with individual participants and large nodes (such as financial institutions and retailers) cooperating in a two-level network structure. Stellar has held strong throughout the bear market, and continues to rise in the ranks. It currently sits just behind EOS as the sixth highest-ranked cryptocurrency with a market cap of US$3.8 billion.